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  • Assessing flood damage
  • Mildew control
  • Odor control
  • Structure restoration
  • Content restoration
  • Removal of property
  • Storage
  • Complete sanitation work
  • General and finish carpentery
  • Water remediation
  • Water extraction


You did a wonderful job and I would recommend your company and services to anyone. You responded to our problem quickly and worked steadily until the job was completed. You did a very professional job and I appreciate that. Thank You Guys!!

- Smith J.
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Water Damage Long Beach
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Flood Damage Repair & Flood Restoration Long Beach, CA

Floods can happen anytime day or night in the Long Beach and nearby areas. Many people have woken from a deep sleep or returned home to find the devastating effects of home floods caused by water. Your home is your most prized possession; don’t let a house flood continue to ruin your beautiful home. House floods can be overwhelming when they are first discovered. Once you see the effect of a house flood in your home, call in a team of Water Damage Long Beach professionals immediately. Floods can happen in any area of the home, but are more prone in kitchens and bathrooms. Even the smallest bathroom or kitchen flood can lead to thousands of dollars in flood repair if not handled accurately and efficiently.

  • Water Damage
  • Flood Restoration
  • Mold Removal

Flood Clean Up Long Beach

Floods can ruin a day or a night and can also have lasting emotional effects on families. It is imperative to act quickly once you see the symptoms of a flood of water. House flood control is very important in the initial stages of dealing with house floods. The effects of water damage from the flood will continue if not addressed soon after the flooding occurs. Flood water can devastate a home in a short period of time. Flooded kitchens and bathrooms need to be dried soon after the flooding occurs. Flood water should be extracted from walls or floors as soon as possible after the flooding. Our flood water clean up and water damage clean up team is ready to respond to water damage emergencies as well as house flood emergencies no matter what time of day or night. Our water emergency services response team can be at your property in no time. House floods are always a surprise and can lead to possible mold related issues if not cleaned up properly.

Flood Damage Reconstruction Services

With our flood damage reconstruction services we can even put your house back together after the effect of a house flood. As a Long Beach Certified General Contractor we repair damaged flooring, replace cabinetry, paint and handle all aspects of interior remodeling. We work closely with many national and regional insurance companies and can handle your house flood damage claim from start to finish. When it comes to water damage restoration and interior flooding, one call does it all! We are available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week to respond to flood water emergencies. If you live in Long beach area, feel free to call us any time to answer questions related to house floods, flooding, water damage and water damage reconstruction services.

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